Panipat Bus Stand Enquiry Number 0180-2646544

HR Panipat Bus Stand Enquiry Number: Today we are going to talk about Panipat Depot of Haryana Roadways. Panipat bus stand is located in the states, so Panipat bus stand inquiry number is necessary for the residents of Haryana and also for the passengers of all the states bordering Uttar Pradesh, because every day 80-90 buses ply from Panipat depot to other states.

Panipat Bus Stand Enquiry Number 0180-2646544

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Panipat Bus Stand Enquiry Number is necessary for all the passengers who travel or prefer to travel in Haryana roadways buses so that they can get Panipat bus stand inquiry number. Information about the timings of all the buses leaving the stand can be obtained through a single call only. There are also a large number of local buses plying from Panipat, which bring and take passengers from the village and other districts of Haryana.

In the local routes, passengers come and go every day, but they also do not know the timings of all the buses. Haryana Roadways has issued bus stand Enquiry numbers of all the depots so that no passenger faces any kind of trouble.

Panipat Bus Stand Contact Number-0180-2646544

Panipat Bus Stand Enquiry Number of Haryana Roadways is 0180-2646544. By calling this number at any time, you can get information about the time of each bus leaving Panipat and apart from this, by calling this number, you can get any information related to Haryana Roadways. Haryana Roadways has also set up an enquiry booth in all the depots, on which a roadways employee is working,

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He informs the passengers about the timings of the buses, in addition to this, an enquiry room has also been set up at Panipat depot. Panipat Bus Stand Enquiry Number 0180-2646544 You can also search Panipat depot Helpline Number online which you will get through google only you have to search on google by typing Panipat bus stand Enquiry Panipat bus stand Enquiry number Haridwar, Dehradun Mansuri, Delhi, Chandigarh You can get information about the timings of all the buses going to other states and other districts including .

Panipat Depot and Panipat depo General Manager contact Number

General Manager of Haryana Roadways Panipat Depot Mr. Kuldeep Jangra ji who is in charge of Panipat bus stand. Contact number of Mr. Kuldeep Jangra ji is 0180-2646544. Mr. Kuldeep Jangra ji is a very good natured and soft-spoken person, he operates all the buses taking care of all the passengers traveling from Panipat bus stand and instructs all the employees not to cause any kind of trouble to the passengers. Similarly Mr. Kuldeep Jangra ji of Haryana State Transport. Panipat Bus Stand Enquiry Number 0180-2646544

Employees are also taken care of, there are people who look at small to big employees with one eye, at present the number of buses has increased from 140 to plus due to the arrival of new buses inside Haryana Roadways Panipat Depot and at present more buses are going to come, which are Panipat. The depot will be included in the fleet, which is going to directly benefit the passengers, earlier the number of passengers was very high and the number of buses was very less.

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Due to which the passengers had to face trouble, but with the arrival of new buses, the passengers of Panipat are going to get relief. Passengers had to travel standing on long routes, which is going to get rid of now and to bring and carry passengers in the village. Mini buses of EICHER company have been included in the fleet. Panipat Bus Stand Enquiry Number 0180-2646544

Facility Provided to Passengers by Haryana Roadways Panipat Depot

Panipat Depot has provided a lot of facilities to the passengers. Most of the buses going out of the state of Haryana go through Panipat and many buses reach the passengers from Panipat to other states and bring the passengers to Panipat city.

Apart from this, Panipat Depot has been built on the main highway, from where many buses and passengers leave for Delhi-Chandigarh, Delhi-Himachal, and Delhi-Punjab. At present, Panipat Depot is providing all the services from the old bus stand itself, but the Haryana State Transport has decided to set up Panipat Depot. Panipat Bus Stand Enquiry Number 0180-2646544

The depot has been shifted to another place and a new bus stand has been made, which is going to start very soon, which has been waiting for a long time, but has not yet been inaugurated, so all the buses leave from the old bus stand, Panipat Depot. From bus stand inquiry to drinking water facilities were also provided inside and apart from this, separate washroom facilities for ladies and gents have been provided to the passengers. Panipat Depot has provided rest room facilities for the passengers to stay.

Bus service’s from Panipat Depot

Haryana State Transport’s Panipat Depot falls on the National Highway, through which lakhs of passengers travel every day, due to which Haryana State Transport has operated many buses from Panipat Depot, from where buses continue to come and go within many states.

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Most of the buses go inside the state adjacent to Panipat, Uttar Pradesh. Muzaffar nagar, Baghpat, Bijnor, Meerut, Shamli, Roorkee, Haridwar, Saharanpur, Dehradun, Mansoori, Rishikesh, Alwar reach the passengers in Uttar Pradesh. Along with this, buses also go from Panipat in Uttarakhand, which go to places like Nainital, Mukteshwar Dham, Haldwani, Rudrapur, etc.

Apart from this, many passengers go to Punjab, Himachal and Chandigarh, to whom Panipat Depot does the work of reaching. Many buses ply long routes even in Rajasthan. The longest route is Ajmer in Rajasthan. Buses reach passengers from Panipat to Jaipur, Ajmer, Kota. Buses from Panipat depot also go to other districts within Haryana like Karnal, Ambala, Kaithal. For Jind, Safido, Kurukshetra, Sirsa, Hisar, Fatehabad, Rohtak, Bhiwani, Jhajjar, Delhi, thousands of passengers work every day to reach from one place to another.

Panipat Bus Stand Enquiry Number 0180-2646544

Panipat Bus Stand Contact Number-0180-2646544


  • Why Haryana roadways is so famous?
  • Ans. Haryana Roadways reaches passengers to their places safely and on time at work cost.

  • How far is isbt kashmiri gate from Pānīpat?
  • The distance of Kashmere Gate from Panipat Bus Stand is 84 kms.

  • Which is the biggest bus station in Haryana?
  • Ans. Jhajjar is the biggest bus stand of Haryana, which is much bigger in terms of area than other bus stands.
  • What is Panipat Bus Stand Enquiry Number ?
  • Panipat Bus Stand Enquiry Number is 0180-2646544

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