Faridabad Bus Stand Enquiry Number 0129-2244953

Faridabad Bus Stand Enquiry Number : If you are also crazy about Haryana Roadways and want to travel in Haryana Roadways and you are from Faridabad, then you must have the Enquiry Number of Faridabad Bus Stand, let us know about Faridabad Bus Stand.

Faridabad Bus Stand Enquiry Number 0129-2244953

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All information about Enquiry Number and Faridabad Depot. Because if you are from Faridabad or live in Faridabad then you may have to travel in Haryana Roadways or you already travel in Haryana Roadways and you like to travel in Haryana Roadways buses for any work. Have to travel by roadways bus but at that time it is necessary to have bus stand Enquiry Number because we can get information about timings of Haryana roadways buses leaving from Faridabad at any time through instant call to Faridabad Bus Stand Enquiry Number 0129-2244953

Faridabad Bus Stand Contact Number 0129-2244953

From Haryana Roadways Faridabad Bus Stand Enquiry Number, you can get information about the timings of all Haryana Roadways buses leaving from Faridabad, the advantage of this will be that both your time and money will be saved because if we have information about the timings So we can travel in our bus by going exactly at the same time, we will not have to go earlier and wait for the bus.

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Many times it also happens that when we go to the bus stand and our bus has left from there, then both our time and money are wasted and we have to face trouble, that’s why we say that you have a bus stand. It is very important to have an inquiry number and Faridabad Bus Stand Enquiry Number 0129-2244953, Faridabad bus stand contact number is 0129-2244953

Many buses travel from Faridabad to reach their destination. Every day 50,000 passengers travel from Faridabad Depot. There are many buses for other states to reach their destination every day. Apart from these, from here Every day thousands of people travel in other districts also and enjoy the journey in Haryana Roadways buses. Passengers are brought and taken by the bus so that the people living in the village do not have to face any kind of travel problem. Faridabad Bus Stand Enquiry Number 0129-2244953

Faridabad Depot General Manger Contact Number

Faridabad Depot is one of the big depots of Haryana, from here more than 50 thousand passengers travel by Haryana Roadways buses, at present the number of buses in Faridabad Depot is around 170 and it is increasing every month approx.

There is going to be a fleet of 225 buses inside the depot. Now in the month of April, 20 new vehicles have come, some vehicles have come prepared from Gurugram HSEC and some vehicles have been prepared by Tata company and if we talk about minibus, then it has been prepared by Eicher company, which the government has directly bought from the company. Eicher , the government used to buy chassis, but now the government has bought directly from the company with chassis and body,

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Now Haryana Roadways has a fleet of 4000 buses and more buses are yet to come, which will benefit the passengers from Faridabad. It will be very easy for the passengers to go to other states. Keeping the village in mind, Haryana Roadways has bought minibuses so that the people living in the villages around the depot can get benefit directly without any kind of trouble.

Faridabad Depot General Manger Contact Number-0129-2241464

Faridabad Depot All Officer’s Post and Names

Presently manager in Faridabad Depot is Mr. Lekh Raj Singh, who has taken charge of the entire Faridabad Depot. Let us know about him. They also take care of the hotel so that no passenger and any employee does not face any problem, if anyone has any problem, they solve that problem immediately.

Seeing their success, all the employees seem very happy and do not allow all the passengers to take any time, so the passengers are also happy. All the passengers get the bus on time and have a safe journey. The Traffic Manager of Haryana Roadways Faridabad is Mr. Navjeet Bajaj, who is in charge of the traffic at Faridabad Depot and the staff of Faridabad Depot also works under him.

Faridabad Depot Workshop Manager Jitender Singh ji and Faridabad depot’s duty inspector Bhagirath ji, station supervisor is Mr. Sunil Kumar ji, who solves the problems faced by the passengers immediately. Faridabad Depot General Manger Contact Number-0129-2241464

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Haryana Roadways Faridabad Depot bus Service

The currently closed route inside the Haryana Roadways Faridabad Depot is being restarted as new buses are being included in the Roadways fleet by the Haryana Government, so that a lot of buses have arrived in the Faridabad Depot and a lot of buses are yet to come. There are about 170 buses inside. Many buses depart from Faridabad depot for other states,

in which around 15000 passengers go out of the state of Haryana every day.Faridabad Bus Stand Enquiry Number 0129-2244953Many buses depart from Faridabad Depot for Rajasthan and Himachal. Apart from Faridabad and Ballabhgarh, Haridwar, Dehradun, Chandigarh, Uttarakhand, Shimla, Dharamshala, Jaipur, Agra, Mathura, besides many districts within Haryana, passengers can be dropped by Faridabad Depot.

Buses depart from Faridabad to Gurgaon (Gurugram), Palwal, Jhajar, Dadri, Bhiwani, Rohtak, Panipat, Kurukshetra, Karnal, Ambala, Sirsa, Fatehabad, besides pick up and drop passengers from villages near Faridabad. Buses from Faridabad Depot do the work of going every day. Faridabad

Faridabad Bus Stand Enquiry Number 0129-2244953

Faridabad Bus Stand Contact Number 0129-2244953


  • What is Faridabad Roadways helpline number?
  • Ans. Faridabad Roadways helpline number is 0129-2244953

  • What is the salary of bus driver in Haryana?
  • Ans.2400 Pay Grade

  • What is the salary of Haryana Govt Conductor?
  • Ans. 1900 Pay Grade

  • What is the toll free number of HR roadways?
  • Ans. 0129-2244953

  • What is the helpline number of NIT Faridabad bus stand?
  • Ans. helpline number is 0129-2244953

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