Narnaul Bus Stand Enquiry Number 0128-2251947

Narnaul Bus Stand Enquiry Number : Every day 40 to 50 thousand passengers travel in Haryana Roadways buses from Narnaul Depot of Haryana Roadways, out of which some passengers travel inside Haryana State and many passengers travel outside Haryana State by Haryana Roadways buses in other states. Apart from this, students come to the city every day to study by Haryana Roadways buses and go back, but every person does not have information about the timings of all the buses.

For correct timing information we have to contact in Narnaul Depot so that we can get our bus timing information and reach at our destination on time so Narnaul State people having Narnaul Bus Stand Enquiry Number Depot It is necessary because more than 100 buses depart from Narnaul Depot every day. Today we will discuss about Narnaul Bus Stand Enquiry Number and all things related to Narnaul Depot.

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Narnaul Bus Stand Contact Number 0128-2251947

Haryana State Transport has made separate enquiry booths for each bus stand inside Haryana for the convenience of the passengers traveling in Haryana Roadways so that the timing of the passenger buses and the problems faced by them can be resolved by telling them at the inquiry booth. To be done, Haryana Roadways has also issued an Enquiry number of each bus stand, on which you can get information about the timings of Haryana Roadways buses leaving from Haryana Roadways Narnaul Bus Stand, this information will be given to you without any charge.

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In Haryana Roadways, many passengers are troubled due to lack of information about the timings of buses, they waste their time and money. Buses from Narnaul serve to reach passengers from outside Haryana as well as outside Haryana. You will get information about the timings of all these buses. Narnaul Bus Stand Enquiry Number will be available Narnaul Bus Stand Enquiry Number is 0128-2251947.

Narnaul Depot General Manager Contact Number Other Officer’s Contact Number

Mr. Naveen Sharma, General Manager, Haryana Roadways Narnaul Depot, who has taken charge of Narnaul and Mahendragarh Sub Depot, Mr. Naveen Sharma, before becoming General Manager, has worked as Workshop Manager in Haryana Roadways, so he has been working in Roadways for a long time. Employed, he has worked with great dedication in Haryana Roadways from the beginning, wherever he wants to hear about him, he is praised everywhere. General Manager of Narnaul Depot, Landline contact number is 01282-250803. and Narnaul Bus Stand Enquiry Number is 0128-2251947.

The post is vacant, the charge of which is with Mr. Naveen Sharma, besides this, the Chief Inspector of Nagaur Depot is Mr. Brahm Prakash, the charge of ADA of Narnaul Depot is with Mrs. Rachna, here the post of Superintendent is currently vacant and here The Duty Inspector is Mr. Vikram Singh, who is in charge of the running staff, under whose supervision the running staff works. Narnaul Bus Stand Enquiry Number-01282251947

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Narnaul Depot General Manager Contact Number- 01282 -250803
Narnaul Depot Traffic Manager Contact Number- 01282-251909
Narnaul Depot ADA Contact No-01282-250803
Narnaul Depot Duty Inspector Contact Number-01282-250804
Narnaul Depot Workshop Manager Contact No-01282-251909
Narnaul Bus Stand Enquiry Number -01282251947

Narnaul Bus Stand Contact Number is 01282251947.

Passengers get Bus Service from Haryana Roadways Narnaul Depot

Buses are sent from Haryana Roadways Narnaul Depot to many states other than Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, Chandigarh, Punjab, so that every day around 40 thousand passengers travel in Roadways buses from Narnaul Depot. This Narnaul Depot has done a lot for the passengers Buses have been run on long routes, so that passengers going to long routes or other states do not have to change buses frequently, due to which Haryana Roadways department also benefits along with the passengers. Narnaul Bus Stand Enquiry Number-01282251947

At present, there are 130 buses inside Narnaul Depot. Fleet has been done, now Narnaul Depot has re-opened its already closed route. Delhi , Nangal Sirohi, Mendragarh, Satnali, Loharu, Hissar, Sirsa, Rohtak, Bhiwani, Hansi, Dadri, Alwar, Jhunjhunu, Sikar, Singhana, Chirawa, Salasar, Nangal Chowdhary, Kotputli, Pavata, Bundi, Kota, Shahpura, Jaipur, Kisangarh, Ajmer, Pushkar ji, and in local root Lahroda, Kosli, Jhajjar, Simha Dongda, Kanina, apart from this many buses are also run in Narnaul village. Narnaul Bus Stand Enquiry Number-0128-2251947

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Facilities provided to passengers at Haryana Roadways Narnaul Depot

In Haryana Roadways Narnaul Depot, all kinds of facilities are being provided by the department to the passengers. Sitting facility for the passengers and fan facility and rest room have been made separately in summer. Ladies and Gents wash room are also made separately inside the Narnaul Depot. Ticket counters have been made for the passengers going on long routes so that the passenger can make his entire journey comfortable by taking the ticket seat number.

Despite the fact that the Narnaul bus stand is very old, full attention is given to cleanliness and a lot of space has been given for parking the buses, along with this a roadways workshop has been made so that the work of the buses can be done on time. Apart from this, many facilities have also been given. Narnaul Bus Stand Enquiry Number 0128-2251947

Narnaul Bus Stand Contact Number is 01282251947.

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