Kurukshetra Bus Stand Enquiry Number 01744-220102

Kurukshetra Bus Stand Enquiry Number : You should have the information of Haryana Roadways Kurukshetra Bus Stand Inquiry Number because 40,000 passengers travel daily from Kurukshetra Depot and at present the fleet of buses in Kurukshetra Depot is more than 150. Every person cannot have the information of all these buses.

Keeping this in mind, the Haryana government has issued a separate bus stand inquiry number or contact number to all the depots and all the sub-depots of the Haryana state, by calling the number, information about the timings of all the buses leaving that bus stand can be obtained.

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Kurukshetra Bus Stand Enquiry Number 01744-220102

It can be directly beneficial to the passengers, passengers need information about the time for the journey, that information can be found through a call sitting at home, through this post, today we are going to know about Kurukshetra bus stand inquiry number and other information. I am going to tell you which is very beneficial for you and you will definitely benefit from this information while traveling. Kurukshetra Bus Stand Enquiry Number 01744- 220102

Kurukshetra Bus Stand Contact Number 01744- 220102

Kurukshetra, a very famous district of Haryana State, where two depots of Haryana Roadways have been built, one is Kurukshetra Depot and the other is sub-depot of Kurukshetra Depot. Pehwa sub-depot has been made separate considering the number of passengers and the enquiry number of both is also different.

Separate issued if you have to go from Kurukshetra to other district or other state then you have to call the Enquiry number of Kurukshetra Depot to get the time information and if you have to go from Pehwa to another district or state then you have to call Pehwa Information about the timings of the buses will have to be obtained by calling the sub depot enquiry number. Haryana Roadways Kurukshetra Bus Stand Enquiry Number 01744- 220102

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Pehowa Bus Stand Contact Number 07041-220102

Kurukshetra Pehowa Bus Stand Enquiry Number 07041-220102 Government has issued toll free. Kurukshetra Bus Stand Enquiry Number 01744- 220102Every day 40 to 50 thousand passengers travel from Kurukshetra and Pehowa bus stand in 1 day and every day 10 to 15000 passengers come from other places inside Kurukshetra. Enquiry room has been made inside Kurukshetra and Pehowa bus stand considering the passengers. On which information about the timings of all buses leaving Kurukshetra can be found by any passenger by visiting there or by calling the toll free number issued by Haryana Roadways. Kurukshetra Bus Stand Enquiry Number 01744- 220102

You can find Kurukshetra Bus Stand Enquiry Number by visiting our haryanroadwayswebsite.com where you will easily find contact numbers and inquiry numbers of all depots or you can also search on Google where you will find only Kurukshetra bus stand You have to search by typing the inquiry number, you will get the inquiry numbers of Kurukshetra and Pehowa bus stand, by calling which you can know the timing of your bus. Kurukshetra Bus Stand Enquiry Number 01744- 220102

Kurukshetra Depot General Manager Contact Number.

Presently General Manager (GM) of Kurukshetra Depot is Smt. Harpreet Kaur ji who has taken charge of Kurukshetra and Pehwa Sub Depot. Mrs. Harpreet Kaur ji is daughter in law of village Paprala and her maternal home is a small village Lota in Narayangarh and her husband Sh. Sher Singh ji is working as a judge in the court of Yamunanagar, in the year 2019 he passed the HCS exam.

Very little time has passed but still they have taken charge of both the depots very well. She takes care of all the problems and solves all the problems with immediate effect, if any passenger or employee has any problem, they are solved as soon as possible. In today’s time, she is not only a very good person, but also a good officer. Official contact number is -0174422921

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At present, the post of Traffic Manager is vacant inside Kurukshetra Depot, apart from this, there is Workshop Manager or (WM) Shaminder Singh of Kurukshetra Depot and the post of Superintendent is also currently vacant, ADA Mrs. Aarti Panwar ji and Duty Inspector Surendra Kumar, who is the running staff. take duty from

Kurukshetra Deputy General Manager Contact Number– 01744221921
Kurukshetra Depot Traffic Manager Contact Number – 01744220468
Kurukshetra Workshop Manager Contact Number–01744–225151
Kurukshetra Depot Duty Inspector–01744225151
Pehowa Bus Stand Station Supervisor Contact Number –01741220102

Kurukshetra Bus Stand Enquiry Number 01744- 220102 Kurukshetra Bus Stand Contact Number 01744- 220102
Pehowa Depot Duty Inspector Contact Number – 01741220102

Service of buses leaving from Haryana Roadways Kurukshetra Bus stand

Many bus services are running from Kurukshetra bus stand within Haryana as well as within the states adjacent to Haryana, and apart from this, Haryana roadways buses are also being provided to the people of the village in the villages adjacent to Kurukshetra bus stand.

There are buses leaving from Kurukshetra to main places get some information about them from Kurukshetra to Kaithal , Sirsa , Narwana , Hisar ,Pundri , Jind ,Pehwa , Guhla , Patiala ,Jhansa , Thol , Ismailabad ,Also Chandigarh ,Shimla , Baijnath, Manali, Katra, Ludhiana, Ladwa, Yamunanagar, Saharanpur, Haridwar, Haldwani, Kotdwar, Karnal, Rohtak, Panipat , Delhi, Mathura, Jaipur, Ajmer, Kurukshetra Bus Stand Depot buses reach passengers at their destination. Kurukshetra Bus Stand Enquiry Number 01744- 220102

Buses also leave from Kurukshetra bus stand at many places every day and drop the passengers to their places. From here the buses start arriving at 4:00 AM and continue till 8:00 PM every day. Apart from this, if the number of passengers exceeds due to any reason, then special bus is arranged for them by Haryana Roadways Kurukshetra Depot. Kurukshetra Bus Stand Enquiry Number 01744- 220102

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Facility for passengers at Haryana Roadways Kurukshetra Depot

Haryana Roadways has kept Kurukshetra Depot very beautiful and clean from where thousands of passengers come every day inside Kurukshetra leaving for journey because Kurukshetra is a religious place. Apart from the depot inside Kurukshetra Pehwa Sub Depot is also. Kurukshetra Bus Stand Enquiry Number 01744- 220102

Buses of long routes inside Pehwa Sub Depot pass through there, the arrival of passengers also remains from there, apart from this there is Pipli bus stand in Kurukshetra, which is built on the bypass, from there passengers go to Delhi, Chandigarh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, and Buses are available for Himachal, this bus stand is very close to the highway, so all the buses that do not come inside the city of Kurukshetra pass through Pipli bus stand and pick up and drop passengers from here. Kurukshetra district is huge.

That’s why passengers travel from all the three places every day. Haryana Roadways has made facilities available for the passengers at all the three places. Inquiry numbers have been issued for Kurukshetra and Pehwa Bus Stands and inquiry rooms have been made separately so that no passenger can be asked to board the buses. Don’t worry about the time.

Inside the Kurukshetra bus stand, a rest room has been made to stop the passengers and many facilities have been made for drinking water, ladies and gents washrooms have been made separately, keeping in view the problems of the passengers, Haryana Roadways has done all the work in a very concrete way. For passengers going on long routes, it is necessary to get ticket seat number, so ticket counters have been made for advance booking, from where the passenger reserves his seat number inside the train by taking the ticket and can sit and travel at his destination. could.

Kurukshetra Bus Stand Enquiry Number 01744- 220102

Kurukshetra Bus Stand Contact Number 01744- 220102

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