Ambala Bus Stand Enquiry Number 0171‑2556388

Ambala Bus Stand Enquiry number: Today we are going to give you some important information about Ambala Depot of Haryana State Transport, including Ambala City and Ambala Cantt and Narayangarh Sub Depot along with the enquiry numbers of all these bus stands through this post. Because about 70,000 passengers travel from all three depots of Ambala every day because the big bus stand of Ambala falls on the National Main Highway because from here Delhi, Chandigarh, Shimla, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh,

Ambala Bus Stand Enquiry Number 0171‑2556388

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Haryana Passengers from all the states travel to Ambala, the biggest depot of Ambala is Ambala Cantt, from where most of the passengers leave. If you are also from the state of Haryana or belong to the neighboring state adjacent to Haryana, then this post is very important for you because its Inside you will be given complete information of Ambala Depot. Every day many passengers of Ambala travel.

Lakhs of passengers travel in Haryana Roadways in a day, so it is very difficult for all of them to have information about bus timings, so everyone has It is very important to have a bus stand inquiry number, but we cannot keep the information about the time of every ten, that is why Haryana Roadways has given bus stand enquiry number to all the depots, through which the information about all the buses coming out of that depot is through call. All passengers can check bus timings sitting at home.

Ambala Bus Stand Contact Number 0171–2556388

A depot and two sub-depots have been made inside the Haryana Roadways Ambala Depot. A separate inquiry room has been made inside each depot, on which you can get information about the timings of the buses directly.
Ambala Bus Stand Enquiry Number –0171–2556388 Ambala Bus Stand Contact Number 0171–2556388
Ambala Cantt Bus Stand Enquiry Number –0171–2640821
Naraingarh Sub Depot Bus Stand Enquiry Number –01734–284038
You can get all the information related to Haryana roadways from our website for all information related to Haryana roadways.

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Ambala Depot General Manager Contact Number.

At present the General Manager (GM) of Ambala Depot Mr. Ashwani Kumar Dogra, who is currently in charge of Ambala Depot, Ambala Depot General Manager Contact Number-0171-2550801, besides the Traffic Manager of Ambala Depot, Mr. Dr. Dinesh Sharma, who is in charge of the traffic of Ambala Depot, Workshop Manager Mr. Mahendar Kumar Mr. Sharma, who is in charge of maintenance related and new buses and also the staff working inside the workshop,

Mr. Ramesh Kumar, the foreman of the workshop at Ambala Depot, and Surendra Singh, the station supervisor of Ambala City, is the sub-inspector of Ambala City. Mr. Ram phal Singh is the duty inspector and Ajit Singh is the supervisor of Ambala Cantt Depot. Ambala Bus Stand Enquiry Number 0171–255638

The General Manager of Ambala Depot is Mr. Ashwani Kumar Dogra, who is in charge of the entire Ambala Depot. He tries to solve all the problems faced by all the employees and passengers as soon as possible. Keeping in mind all the passengers coming inside Ambala Depot, Shri Ashwani Kumar Dogra ji has operated all the buses so that no There should be no problem if the number of passengers increases in this type, then Mr. Ashwani Kumar ji sends special buses to reach the passengers to their places. Ambala Bus Stand Enquiry Number 0171–255638

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From time to time, the employees keep taking action for the passengers and for the employees. Many times meetings have been held so that all the employees are satisfied and work whole heartedly. Ashwini Kumar ji has made many facilities available inside the Ambala Depot for the passengers as well. Ambala Bus Stand Enquiry Number 0171–255638

All contact numbers related to Ambala Depot

Ambala Bus Stand Enquiry number- 0171–255638
Ambala Depot General Manager Contact Number-0171-2550801
Ambala Depot Traffic Manager Contact Number- 0171-2550801
Ambala Workshop Manager Contact Number- 0171-2550803
Ambala Workshop Foreman Contact Number- 0171-2551803
Ambala City Station Supervisor Contact Number-0171-2556388
Ambala Duty Inspector Contact Number-0171-2551804
Ambala Cantt Station Supervisor Contact Number-0171-2640821

Services Available from Haryana Roadways Ambala Depot.

Many buses depart from Haryana Roadways Ambala Depot within a day, out of which many buses reach the passengers to their destination within Haryana. Many buses from Ambala Depot within Haryana also reach passengers outside Haryana. Now let us first talk about the buses leaving from Ambala Cantt because most of the buses leave from here, let us know about all of them,

where the buses leave for Delhi, Kotputli, Jaipur, Deluxe, Karnal, Panipat, Agra, Gwalior, Aligarh, Narnaul, Rohtak, Bhiwani, Rewari, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Roorkee, Saharanpur, Dehradun, Meerut, Devchand, Saharanpur, Mujafranagar, Yamunanagar, Sadhora, Mulana, Barara, Dosadka, Jalandhar, Jamu, Jalandhar, Pathankot, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Deravayas, Firozpur, Moga, Bhatinda, Sangrur, Patiala, Rajpura, Narayangarh, Shahzadpur, Via Saha, Panchkula, Ramgarh, Derabassi, Kulu Manali, Hamirpur, Bilaspur, Solan, Rampur, Kasauli, Bushar,

Thousands of passengers travel on all these routes, Haryana Roadways reaches the passengers at their destination safely and on time, for which Haryana Roadways is known and recognized, for all these places you can enquire Ambala Bus Stand. Time information can be obtained through call on the number. Ambala Bus Stand Enquiry number- 0171–255638

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Facility Provided to Passengers by Haryana Roadways Ambala Depot

Haryana Roadways Ambala Depot has given a lot of convenience to the passengers. Ambala Depot also has two sub-depots, out of which Ambala Cantt is the biggest sub-depot, from where 70,000 passengers travel every day, from where most of the buses also depart. Ambala Bus Stand Enquiry Number 0171–255638

Ambala Cantt Bus Stand and Ambala City Bus Stand have been provided with facilities for the passengers, in which rest rooms have been made for the passengers to stay, there is a separate facility for drinking water, there is also a hostel facility for ladies and gents, Ambala. It has been given at two to three places on the cant so that no passenger has to face any kind of trouble.

Buses have been operated from Ambala keeping in view the passengers. An inquiry room has been set up inside the Ambala depot, where you can get information about the timings of your bus and a separate Enquiry number has been issued from where you can call the buses. Ambala Bus Stand Enquiry number- 0171–255638

You can easily get information about the timings, here many chairs have also been made for the passengers to sit, here many buses have also been provided for the villagers so that the people coming from the village do not face any kind of problem. had to face Advance booking is done for long routes, for which counters have also been made. Ambala Bus Stand Enquiry number- 0171–255638


  • What is the code of Ambala bus stand?
  • Ans. code of Ambala bus stand 0171.
  • What is the enquiry number of Kurukshetra?
  • Ans. enquiry number of Kurukshetra – 01744-220468
  • What is the Enquiry number of Dadri bus stand?
  • Charkhi Dadri Enquiry Number is 01250-220144

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