Haryana Roadways Training 2024 : Online Application Form, Status, Fee & Waiting List ,Heavy Licence waiting list

Haryana Roadways Training : Haryana Government invites youth to apply for driver training in Roadways Department. Driver training is given by Haryana Roadways. This facility has been started by the government to improve the skills of the driver which will help in making the roads safe. The training given is of high quality and only after you become excellent and successful in the training to drive heavy vehicles on the roads, you can get the driving license.

Haryana Roadways Training
Haryana Roadways Training
The Benefits that drivers get from the training provided by Haryana Roadways are explained in detail below.
  • Benefits of training by Haryana Roadways The candidate will get an overview of driving heavy vehicles on general roads and national highways in the state of Haryana.
  • The candidate gets the benefit of training by paying very little fee, neither higher education is required nor any other assistance is required.
  • Along with training, the candidate is given a heavy driving license which will be valid all over India.

Application Fee To apply the candidate has to follow the application fee given below
The candidate has to deposit the application fee according to the category.

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  • Application fee for general caste candidates is ₹3000
  • Reserved candidates are given exemption in application fee for training. The application fee is only ₹ 1500.

Eligibility for Training

  • Some more rules are given for training in Haryana Roadways. Only the candidates who fulfill all these can apply for training in Haryana Roadways.
  • The age of the candidate should be more than 20 years, if the age is less than this then the candidate cannot apply for training.
  • Applicant must have passed 8th class from any recognized board.
    It is also necessary for the applicant to have a driving license not older than one year.

For training, the candidate is required to have the following documents which are listed below:

  • It is necessary for the applicant to have any type of ID proof which can be submitted like Aadhar Card, Voter Card, or PAN Card.
  • Caste Certificate: If the applicant belongs to any specific caste then he will have to submit the caste certificate related to his caste.
  • The applicant will have to attach an affidavit of Rs 10 along with it.

Haryana Roadways Training Online Apply 

  1. First, visit the official website
  2. When you land on the homepage click on “Apply Online For Driver Training
  3. The Haryana Driver Training Online Application Form will appear.
  4. Applicants must have to submit the following details –
    Father’s Name
    Educational Qualification
    Date of birth etc.
  5. Thus, finally, click on the “Submit –> Applicant Details” option.
  6. And you have successfully submitted your form.

Haryana Roadways Heavy License Training List

Training List : In Haryana, training is done by Haryana Roadways for training of heavy vehicles and passenger vehicles. This training is done for one batch in each district within 30 to 35 days. Heavy driving license within Haryana, obtained after training in Haryana Roadways. It happens that heavy license made in any other way is not valid inside Haryana, so if anyone wants to get heavy license for heavy vehicle or passenger vehicle, then he will have to take training inside Haryana Roadways. Let us know how and where Haryana Roadways training is done

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Haryana roadways training is conducted by the roadways department inside the roadways buses of Haryana itself, in which the drivers of Haryana roadways train according to their experience. This training is given for 30 to 35 days. For this, first you have to visit any depot of Haryana State Transport. You will have to apply by going to where you will be given the batch number and the time period will be told because the waiting for the trainees goes on inside the Haryana Roadways.

Waiting inside many depots is more than 6 months. For Haryana Roadways training, first of all, the trainee has a separate room of Haryana Roadways Training inside the Roadways Department for his light license and his documents, where you have to submit your file. If you want, you can get this fee deducted online as well and the amount of this fee may vary according to the depot, let’s know below about the Haryana Roadways Training List of all the depots. I am currently running in 2023, so now we are taking the ongoing batch and training and tell about the teachers

Haryana Roadways Training List Bhiwani

Haryana Roadways Training Bhiwani currently has batch number 1600, for this fees can be deducted till 25th April 2023. You can get this fee deducted through both offline and online medium. There are a total of 140 seats inside Bhiwani on which Haryana Roadways Training is given. But within Haryana Roadways Training two batches are run in 1 day, Haryana Roadways Training can apply now but they may have to wait for some time for their training because Haryana Roadways Training is always pending inside Bhiwani Because the district is huge and maximum number of candidates apply for the training inside Haryana Roadways Bhiwani. Haryana Roadways Bhiwani Training List

Haryana Roadways Training School Charkhi Dadri

Application is being made for batch number 1614 in Haryana Roadways Training Charkhi Dadri whose last date is 19 May and training will start in Haryana Roadways Charkhi Dadri from 23 May 2023. 160 seats have been earmarked for training in Haryana Roadways Charkhi Dadri. In Haryana Roadways, two batches have been made for training inside Charkhi Dadri.

For evening and morning, only Haryana Roadways drivers will train the candidates. 10 candidates are put together for training. In Haryana Roadways training, it is necessary to train each candidate for 30 to 35 days, within which no one can be absent. There will be a test and only those candidates who pass after the test will get a heavy license, only after that they will be able to drive a motor vehicle or travel vehicle. Haryana Roadways Charkhi Dadri Training List

Haryana Roadways Training Gurugram

At present, applications are being made for 1617 batch inside Haryana Roadways Training School Gurugram, in which the last date for online fee deduction is May 18, the period in Haryana Roadways Training Gurugram will start from May 22, which will run till June 25, here

The training timing is 30 to 35 Happens between days within this person is required to be present almost all the days if a candidate is not present then he/she has to pay penalty for this and more than 2 absences can lead to termination of his/her training period Haryana Roadways Training Gurugram There is a total of 100 candidates seat inside but here the candidates have to wait very less for their training Haryana Roadways Training Program has very few Gurugram candidates all the candidates apply here from other districts. Haryana Roadways Gurugram Training List

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Haryana Roadways Training Faridabad

At present, 1612 batch number is going to come inside Haryana Roadways Training Faridabad, in which only 40 candidates will be given training, which is the lowest in the whole of Haryana, this batch will run from 19 May 2023 to 22 June 2023, in which only 40 candidates will be trained. Due to the lack of seats here, the candidate may have to wait for his training.

If any candidate now wants to apply for training inside Haryana Roadways Training School, Faridabad, then the last date is May 16, after which any candidate can apply. If he does, he will not be considered. After completing the training from Haryana Roadways Training Faridabad, you will have a driving test in which it is mandatory to pass, only the passed candidate will be given a license to drive heavy vehicles and travel vehicles. Haryana Roadways Faridabad Training List

Haryana Roadways Training School Kaithal

In Haryana Roadways Training School, Kaithal, a license is made by training to drive heavy vehicles and travel vehicles, so that you can apply for any driver government post and drive external vehicles, which will be valid in all states.

At present, applications are being made for 1612 batches inside Haryana Roadways Training Kaithal, the last date of which is May 13 and at present there are a total of 105 seats inside Haryana Roadways Training Kaithal, for which training will be conducted from May 16 to May 19, which can be filled by individual training and After passing the test, they will get the license of heavy vehicle and passenger vehicle. Haryana Roadways Kaithal Training List

Haryana Roadways Training School Yamunanagar

This training application is being started in Haryana Roadways Training School Yamunanagar, whose last date is 12 May 2023, for which application can be made from any district of Haryana, but the applicant must have a light license, which is at least 1 years old. At present, applications are being made for batch number 1613 in Haryana Roadways Training School Yamunanagar, this time the training will be from May 16 to May 19, in which 140 seats have been kept for the candidates. Haryana Roadways Yamunanagar Training List

Haryana Roadways Training Palwal Depot

There will be training period from 16_5_23 to 19_6_2023 inside Haryana Roadways Training Palwal, in which the number of seats has been kept 100, in which only 100 candidates will be able to take training within a month and now applications are being made for training, whose fees are online and Offline can be filled in both ways, whose last date has been kept on 15 May 2023, after which whatever application will be made or fees will be paid will not be considered. If you also want to apply for heavy license, then you can also apply by going to Palwal Depot. Haryana Roadways Palwal Training List

Haryana Roadways Training Ambala Depot

The list of roadways training for the month of May and June has come inside the Haryana Roadways Training School, Ambala. This training will run from 8th May 2023 to 11th June 2023. Total seats have been fixed at 105. In this list, the name number address of all those candidates has been given.

Candidates who have been called for training in the month of May, the timing of training has been given for both evening and morning time, till May 4, all the candidates whose names have appeared in the list have been given time till May 4 to pay the fees online. After which if someone pays the fees, then it will not be valid. The training period is between 30 to 35 days, only one rest is given inside it, apart from this, if someone rests, then he has to pay the fine and the training can also be canceled. may Haryana Roadways Training Ambala Depot. Haryana Roadways Ambala Training List

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Haryana Roadways Training Hisar Depot

Haryana Roadways Training Hisar School has issued the list of incoming candidates, which will run from the month of May to June, the training period will run from 4 May 2023 to 7 June 2023, batch number 1615, for which the last date of fees has been kept on 1 May, after which No training will be allowed to the candidate who gets cut. Only those candidates who pass after the training will get the license to drive heavy vehicles and passenger vehicles. Seats have been earmarked for 280 candidates inside Haryana Roadways Training Hisar. Haryana Roadways Hisar Training List

Haryana Roadways Training Kurukshetra Depot

A list of 1608 matches has been released inside the Haryana Roadways Training Kurukshetra, in which the candidate will have to train within the time period from 8/5/2023 to 11/6/2023. 140 seats have been fixed inside this batch, if you want to know your name in this list, then by clicking on the link given below, you can see your name inside the list. Haryana Roadways Kurukshetra Training List

Roadways Training School Panchkula

Haryana Roadways Training Panchkula has released the list of candidates doing the training, for this batch, the candidates have to deduct the fees online or offline, the last date of which is May 1, 2023. Have to start from 11th June 2023 and will have a time period till 11th June 2023, within which 1 day leave is given if very important work is done. Only 100 seats have been earmarked inside Haryana Roadways Training Panchkula, within which training is to be taken between 30 to 35 days. it occurs. Haryana Roadways Panchkula Training List

Haryana Roadways Training School Rohtak

In Haryana Roadways Rohtak, 1603 fees have been returned for heavy license training, in which the total number of candidates is 280. This training will run from May 3, 2023 to June 6, 2023. For its fees, you can go through both online or offline. The last date for the fee is 28th April. Only the drivers of Haryana Roadways will train these candidates inside Rohtak and when their training is completed then there will be a road test of all the candidates after which they will apply for the license. Haryana Roadways Rohtak Training List

Haryana Roadways Training Narnaul Depot

The list of batch number 1606 of candidates applied for heavy license has been received inside Haryana Roadways Narnaul Depot, which will start from 2nd May till 5th June. This training will be done by the drivers of Narnaul Depot. 280 seats have been fixed for training inside Haryana Roadways Training Narnaul, this one bus is completed between 30 and 35 days. Haryana Roadways Narnaul Training List

Haryana Roadways Training Nuh Depot

A new batch is going to start for training inside Haryana Roadways Training No, whose last date for fee deduction is 1st May, this training will start from 2nd May till 5th June and the batch number is 1609 at Haryana Roadways Training Center Nuh. Inside 100 seats have been kept for training . Haryana Roadways Nuh Training List

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