Haryana Roadways Starts Overtime for Drivers and Conductors

Haryana Roadways gave the gift of overtime to the Roadways employees, a wave of happiness among the employees

Haryana Roadways has once again started overtime which has been closed for a long time in Haryana Roadways, today i.e. on 17th April 2023, it has been started in Haryana with the announcement of this. was given which has now been resumed by the Government of Haryana

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Payment of Haryana Roadways Overtime

Overtime has been started once again in Haryana Roadways, this time overtime will be given only to junior drivers and conductors, earlier this overtime was given to all drivers and conductors but now this overtime is given only to juniors. Let us understand how overtime will be paid in the year 2023

Drivers and conductors in all Agra of Haryana Roadways will be fixed according to the norm of kilometers, in which this payment will be set according to 1.7.
Haryana Roadways has told inside its order to understand that if the number of buses in a depot is 100 and if the number of drivers in that depot is 170 and 30 drivers are employed on other duties, then according to them 30 drivers are in the depot. If less, they will be paid overtime. Accordingly, if there is a shortage of conductors, then they will also be paid overtime in the same way.

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How Haryana Roadways Overtime will be Calculated

According to the official letter, if the conductor’s salary is 300,000, then he can be given more than 15,000 overtime and if a driver’s salary is 400,000, then he will also not be given more than 50% overtime, that is, if the driver has more than 20,000 overtime cannot be given

Haryana Roadways has told all Agra in its order that no driver or conductor can be given more than 60 hours of overtime in a month and overtime will be given only on long routes and will be given on any route within the village. Overtime will not be given by joining the route

If the number of drivers in a depot is 170 and the number of buses is 100, then 1. According to 7, it is absolutely correct, in this situation, no overtime will be given, only and only 48 hours duty will be taken towards the first part of the week.

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One day Leave will be provide to Haryana Roadways Staff

According to the order of Haryana Roadways, continuous duty will not be taken from the driver and conductor and they will have to ensure that they are given a rest every week. It has been given inside the overtime order that for more than 10 days you will not be able to take duty from any driver and conductor. Expressing concern about the employees, the government has said that it is necessary to give rest of 9 hours after taking duty for one day and ending the duty the next day, so that they can recover from their body. There should be no problem and the staff should remain healthy and should not face any problem.

10% increase in Overtime

If the driver increases his current running KMPL, then Haryana Roadways can give him 10% increase in overtime, similarly if the conductor also increases his receipt, then he will also be given 10% increase in overtime.

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The duty inspector will prepare the details of overtime in the excel seat of the computer, this work is to be done by the work inspector every day and every week the audit team will inspect that data so that there is no mistake and every employee gets the best benefit from it. Could

Haryana Roadways will keep a separate account of overtime and the expenditure incurred and the amount earned from overtime will be verified, that’s why the government has asked to make a separate account of this.

Why Haryana Roadways Provide Overtime

Overtime was being demanded for a long time in Haryana Roadways becauseThe department is running short of drivers and operators, now when the government has increased the number of buses in the roadways, it has now decided to give overtime to the drivers and operators, but the government is now planning to recruit employees under skill employment as well. Planning has been done, it is written in the order that till the recruitment is not done from HKRN or the payment of overtime will continue to be given to the driver and conductor.

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