When e-ticketing start’s in Haryana roadways bus’s

First of all, Haryana e-ticketing was started in Indian Railways, electronic ticket cutting in Indian Railways started in 2005, after which e-ticketing machine was started in Delhi Transport Corporation, which is a government department, E-ticketing machine has been installed in DTC. It was implemented in 2006 and it will be run smoothly in the entire state, since then this system has been running till now,

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after which many states have implemented it in their respective states such as Punjab, Chandigarh, Rajasthan, Delhi in other states as well. Started e-ticketing machine on the lines of Jharkhand, but the machine was not implemented in the state of Haryana, due to some compulsions, it got delayed. But now in the changing times the eating machine has been started in the state of Haryana as well. The e-ticketing machine was launched in the state of Haryana on 29 November 2022 by Draupadi Murmu, the President of India and has been started inside the Haryana Roadways.

e-ticketing start in Haryana Roadways

E-ticketing machine has been started inside Haryana Roadways, which has been started as training in 6 districts of Haryana, which is running smoothly till now. At present, Haryana has a total of 6 states in which E-ticketing machine has been started, which is Bhiwani. , Chandigarh, Karnal, Sirsa, Faridabad, Sonipat, in these states, tickets are being deducted completely through e-ticketing machine, which is going to be very beneficial for the passengers and the employees engaged in Haryana Roadways.

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And the facility of driver number and bus number will be available, so that many facilities are going to be available to the passengers, even if any luggage remains in the bus, the conductor can be traced from the driver number or even if the passenger is left from the bus, that passenger Can get a chance to travel in other bus, the conductor is going to get benefit in that earlier he had to remember the station and also had to remember the fare, now through e-ticketing machine,

the department itself will add the fare to it and the station head himself Quarters will be added, which will get rid of the trouble that the conductor used to face, because now no passenger will be able to raise objections on the conductor whether he has taken less or more fare because all these will already be fed in the e-ticketing machine.

Benefits of e-ticketing machine in Haryana Roadways bus’s

  1. Through e-ticketing machine, revenue will be available completely, the loss which used to be there will be completely relieved.
  2. Many types of exemptions are given in Haryana Roadways, all those people who are eligible for exemption will be identified.
  3. After the introduction of e-ticketing machines in Haryana Roadways, all those people who were going to walk on fake passes will be tightened.
  4. E-ticketing will save time in making tickets and also save paper
  5. With the introduction of e-ticketing machine in Haryana Roadways, Roadways will get all the data online.
  6. The one who finds out that how many types of pass or staff travel and what percentage of elderly people travel and what percentage of children travel, in this way all types of free or pass people can be detected.
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Features of E-ticketing machine launched in Haryana Roadways

  1. Following are some of the features of the e-ticketing machine launched in Haryana Roadways:
    As all e-ticketing machines in Haryana are fully touch screen
  2. All machines are connected through online medium
  3. Both fare and kilometer are added inside the e-ticketing machine before duty starts.
  4. You have also been given calculator camera and other features inside the e-ticketing machine.
  5. E-tikting machine is a machine made by a company
  6. The cost of E tikting machine is said to be around 25000
  7. When the e-ticketing machine is taken by the conductor to the machine route, once the conductor changes the stage in it, he cannot return to that stage.
  8. E ticketing machine looks very beneficial

Benefits or advantages of e-ticketing machine to the conductor

Before the arrival of e-ticketing machine, the ticket was made manually by the conductor in Haryana Roadways, due to which many times the passengers used to go missing and sometimes if any ticket was left by the conductor, then that conductor had to bear the damages due to the arrival of e-ticketing machine. The conductor will get rid of the ticket lass.And will save from the report.

It will be very easy for the conductor to make tickets. As earlier conductors used to make tickets, they had to make separate tickets for everyone else, but if 5 people are together, only one ticket will be made for them, so that the conductor will have time to make tickets. .
After getting the e-ticketing machine, the conductors of Haryana Roadways will not have to remember the fare and stage.

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The conductor of Haryana Roadways will not even need to argue or fight with the passengers about the fare.
: Kilometer-wise fare has been added in Haryana e-ticketing
In the e-ticketing machine, the fare has been fed by the headquarters itself at the rate of one rupee for every kilometer, in which all the tools available for that route have been added to the fare and at a distance of more than 100 kilometers, at the rate of 1.5 rupees. rents have been made from

E ticketing machine in Haryana Roadways is right or wrong

In Haryana Roadways, the e-ticketing machine is being considered correct to a great extent, but there are some points which make the e-ticketing machine wrong, the most important problem in e-ticketing comes with open money, because the fare in e-ticketing machine is fully charged. It is not in round figure and in those tickets which were made manually,

the Haryana Government had rounded off the fare, but now Haryana Roadways has rounded off the fare above Rs.25 within Haryana only. People and conductors are facing trouble. The second problem that conductors are facing is that any passenger forgets to take a ticket and later calls a passenger to make a ticket. This ticketing machine cannot make a ticket from the rear stand. And now some e-ticketing machine is hanging in the middle, due to which there is a problem, apart from this, e-ticketing machine is very beneficial in all cases.

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