Haryana Roadways Jobs 2023:How to Apply for Recruitment

Recruitment : Jobs inside Haryana Roadways are taken out by the government on various posts because there are many types of posts inside Haryana Roadways, all the posts are taken out by the government itself, the biggest jobs in Haryana Roadways are recruitment of drivers and conductors, besides Haryana All types of Group C Group D Group A within the roadways leave from time to time on the post.

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Jobs within the Haryana Roadways are taken out by the Haryana Government and the Haryana Government itself provides the appointment. The biggest recruitment within the Roadways is of conductors and drivers, who keep coming out from time to time, whose first exam is done, then training is done for them. After that, joining is done inside Haryana Roadways, apart from this, joining is done on other posts only through written test and through interview.

Haryana Roadways Driver Recruitment

The recruitment of drivers within Haryana Roadways is done from time to time, the last recruitment was done by Haryana Roadways in the year 2018, after which no recruitment has been done till now and earlier in the year 2016, drivers were recruited under the outsourcing policy The drivers who are still not permanent were recruited in Haryana Roadways in 2014 through SS Board. If any candidate to get recruited in roadways, the candidate must have a heavy driving license.

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Which has been made from the training school of Haryana and the driver must have 3 years of experience on the heavy license, only after which he can apply for the post of the driver, if any candidate does not pass this condition, then that driver post Can’t even apply for For driver post inside Haryana roadways it is necessary to pass 10th class and this post is a technical post which is placed inside group C and drivers are recruited from 2400 grade inside Haryana roadways but now haryana govt. Drivers are going to fill the post through Haryana Skill Employment Corporation. The preparations for which have been done by the Haryana government, now that the new buses have been included in the fleet of roadways by the government, due to the shortage of staff, they are seen standing inside the bus depot, so the government has decided to recruit under Haryana Skill Employment. A decision has been taken which will be done very soon.

Promotion of drivers in Haryana Roadways

The promotion of drivers is very less within Haryana Roadways because the number of drivers in Haryana is very high, they are promoted only on the post of Yard Master, the post of Yard Master is very less within Haryana Roadways and its There is no provision for promotion to any post other than

Haryana Roadways Conductor Recruitment 2023

There is a shortage of conductors in Haryana Roadways because the buses have been included in the fleet by Ashok Leyland,Tata ,and Eicher Company in the Haryana government, therefore there is a shortage of conductors inside every depot, so the Haryana government has recruited 1190 conductors inside the roadways. Buses are standing due to lack of conductors in each depot. Government has decided to resort to skill employment to run those buses. Jobs were also given under Kaushal Rojgar Nigam, by closing the outsourcing policy, under which the conductors are to be appointed, the preparations for which have been done by the Haryana government,

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the first conductor was recruited in 2018, in which 900 conductors were recruited by the Haryana government. Imposed. All these government employees were recruited. Before which a recruitment was done in the year 2012, under which only government employees were engaged. Inside Haryana Roadways, conductor is recruited within 1900 pay grade. The post of conductor inside roadways is most valid because whatever money comes in roadways comes through conductor only. Conductor is placed inside Group C in Haryana. Has gone

Promotion of Conductor in Haryana Roadways

Within Haryana Roadways, the conductor is first promoted to the post of station conductor and then to the post of sub inspector, which is done according to the batch of recruitment, after one batch is promoted and after their retirement, the next batch is promoted to the post of sub inspector after sub inspector is promoted to the post of inspector checking staff in sub inspector and can be engaged in other branch

How to Apply For The Post of Conductor in Haryana Roadways?

If someone wants to apply for the post of conductor, then he must have a conductor license, if he does not have a conductor license, then that person cannot apply for this post. First aid course will have to be done inside. This course is of 10 days, in which information about first aid is given and every day a class of 1 hour is given, in which complete information is given about the first aid of persons in case of an accident. After completion of this class you will be given First Aid Diploma. You will get this diploma only after about 6 months, after getting which you can apply for the license, for the conductor license, you have to apply for the license by going to the court and when you get this license, then whenever Haryana Roadways Post comes out inside, you can apply for that, currently 1190 post conductor recruitment is going to come out inside Haryana Roadways, for which you can apply if you also have a conductor license

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Free Travel Facility for Entire Staff in Haryana Roadways

Inside Haryana Roadways, all the employees who are working inside Haryana Roadways have been given a great facility to travel free of cost in normal buses of Haryana Roadways. Posts up to Kalarak and PN including conductor have been included in it, besides the workshop employees have also been given the facility of free travel within Haryana Roadways.

Recruitment of Apprentice posts in Haryana Roadways

In Haryana, the recruitment of apprentice posts within the Haryana Roadways Department comes out from time to time. Every year, vacancies of apprentices come out inside the workshop of roadways, which are kept for apprentices for 1 year and after that the apprentices are given certificates. It is given that those with Prentice Certificate are given exemption in government jobs and the boys who do Apprentice are also given salary here, which is around eight to nine thousand. Apprentice forms come out every year. For which only ITI students can apply.

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