Bhiwani Bus Stand Enquiry Number 01664-242230

Bhiwani Bus Stand Enquiry Number : If you also belong to Haryana, then you too must have traveled in Haryana Roadways buses sometime or the other. Haryana Roadways is famous not only in Haryana but all over India. Haryana Roadways has great importance in life for our common man and many people have to travel on Haryana Roadways every day, for this it is very important to have information because all the buses We can’t remember the time.

Bhiwani Bus Stand Enquiry Number 01664-242230

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So Haryana Roadways has given this facility to the general public that we can get information about buses through call or by visiting bus stand, today we will give you information about Bhiwani Bus Stand Inquiry Bhiwani Bus Stand Enquiry Number is 01664-242230 by calling which you can get the Enquiry of buses

Bhiwani bus stand inquiry number you will also find it on google you just have to search Bhiwani Bus Stand Enquiry Number on google after which you will get Bhiwani Bus Stand Enquiry Number You will get the number. Bhiwani Bus Stand Enquiry Number 01664-242230 you can take from here which is available 24 hours.

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Bhiwani Bus Stand Contact Number 01664-242230

Haryana Roadways Bhiwani Depot & Bhiwani Bus Stand Enquiry Number is 01664-242230. On Bhiwani Bus Stand Inquiry you can get information about buses by calling or you can also get information about bus timings by coming to Bhiwani Bus Stand Enquiry In which you will be given all the information free of cost, there you will definitely find a Haryana Roadways employee who will help you with your information.

You can get this facility 24 hours. You can also get information about the timing of all the buses running from Bhiwani at any time through call, apart from this, you can also find out about other works of the bus stand from Bus Stand Enquiry. If you do not have time, you can dial the number of Bhiwani Bus Stand Enquiry from your mobile and get information about the running time of all the buses and the timings of the counter with immediate effect.

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Haryana Roadways Bhiwani GM and TM contacts number

Present GM of Haryana Roadways Bhiwani Bus Stand is Mr. Netrapal Khatri ji who also holds the charge of FSO of Delhi along with Bhiwani. Mr. Netrapal Khatri ji is a very hardworking and hardworking person who continues to serve Haryana Roadways with his body and mind. Mr. Netrapal Khatri Ji’s nature is very good towards Haryana Roadways, he has always contributed for Haryana Roadways, in addition,

Mr. Bharat Pal Singh is the Traffic Manager of Haryana Roadways Bhiwani Depot, Mr. Bharat Pal Singh is here for many years. Working on the post of traffic manager, he has been serving for many years, he has worked to advance Haryana Roadways, he has always been seen actively participating in the work of Haryana Roadways and the management of the entire traffic is very good. Bhiwani bus stand has been done in a good way, he has tried to keep it very beautiful and clean, in which he has also been successful.

Today, Bhiwani bus stand looks very beautiful and clean. If you have any complaint related to Bhiwani bus stand or it, then you By calling on Bhiwani bus stand enquiry number or on mail id also complaint can be registered Mr. Netrapal Khatri ji Traffic manager Mr. Bharat Pal Singh ji solves all the problems with immediate Effect.

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Bhiwani Bus Stand Enquiry Number 01664-242230

Haryana Roadways Bhiwani Bus Stand Complex

There are 24 depots inside Haryana Roadways in Haryana, one of which is Bhiwani Depot, which also has a sub-depot, which is Tosham Sub Depot. The campus of Bhiwani Roadways Bus Stand is very large, where 50 to 60 buses can stand together.

Built outside the city, which comes on Rohtak road, from here every day hundreds of base passengers take them to their destination, here the buses start from 4:30 in the morning, which are long route buses. And till 8:30 in the evening, buses continue to run from Bhiwani bus stand. At present, there are about 100 buses inside Bhiwani bus stand, on which between 250 and 300 drivers and conductors work and there is also a sub-depot of Bhiwani, where at present 35-40 buses are inside the Campus.

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